A Modern Contemporary Masterpiece - a work of art itself.

Custom walnut doors with translucent privacy glass and a washed walnut floor.

Walnut planking, chipped stone-faced walls, Northern light cascading in.... music and magic.

Light and open to a ceiling that is art itself.

The Master Bedroom with the bed hidden behind a free-standing wardrobe.

A fantastic place to just take a bath and relax.

This Italian design has the drains hiding under giant ceramic tiles all accentuated with beautiful glass wall tile.

A wall-mounted sink with ultra-contemporary faucet, sink and mirrored cabinetry.

Turquoise glass tiles and watercolor to match, custom handmade stainless handrails - a purists pool.

In complete privacy this quiet and hidden walkway meanders through the garden

the ambiance from the inside is carried into the outside.

The front with chipped volcanic rock, mahogany doors and all softened by beds of African iris.