Marble, Travertine or a Rectified Porcelain Mud Set Floor

It all starts with clean builders sand and Portland Cement

# 1 Mud Set

With cracked concrete to start with you MUST use a Crack-Isolation membrane.


One-at-a-time - 'thin-set' on the back of each tile to be laid.

# 2a Mud Set

Then 'thin-set' on the space on the floor where the tile is to be placed.

# 3 Mud Set

# 4 Mud Set

Portland and sand mixed 'damp' put over the thin set so everything bonds together.

# 5 Mudset

Evening out the Portland and sand - The "Mud" in mud-set.

# 6 Mud Set

The Mud all leveled out ready to receive the tile

#7 Mud Set

The tile is installed 'gently' then set down slowly with a rubber hammer or other device.


The excess Mud and thin set is removed leaving a clean edge for the next tile to begin.


The next day the grout is rubber troweled on.


The 'Product'- a perfectly flat and beautiful floor of Marble, Porcelain or Travertine.


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